Appendix A: Technology Teaching Portfolio
This helpful appendix provides information you will need to get started using Google Sites to build your Technology Teaching Portfolio.

Appendix B: Google Docs Word Processing Basics
There may be times when you and/or your students won’t have access to Microsoft Office products. Using Google Docs can provide the needed tool and also empower learners through its collaborative and publishing features.

Appendix C: Google Docs Spreadsheet Fundraising Activity
This fundraising activity example uses the free and collaborative Google Docs spreadsheet software to create a fundraising spreadsheet for your class.

Appendix D: Technology Skills: File Management (Mac OS X)
All software tools and skills are now provided for the Mac OS X operating system. If you are a Mac user or want to learn about additional operating systems, please use the helpful information and tutorials provided in appendices D, E, F, and G.

Appendix E: Technology Skills: Word Processing (Mac OS X)
Word Processing skills for Apple users.

Appendix F: Technology Skills: Spreadsheets (Mac OS X)
Spreadsheet skills for Apple users.

Appendix G: Technology Skills: Presentation Software (Mac OS X)
Presentation software skills for Apple users.

Appendix H: Creating an Annotated Video Playlist
This is a new and useful activity for teachers and has been added to this new edition of Digital Age Teaching Skills.

Appendix I: Artifacts Table
In this handy table, you can refer to and find all of the exercises and artifacts you will prepare for your Technology Teaching Portfolio. We have placed this table on the last page of the book, for easy and quick reference.